Essaouira Morocco

In the event that your first inquiry is”Is Essaouira a magnificent place to visit”? is it worthwhile? The appropriate response is decisively “Yes”!

Essaouira is located just a few hours from Marrakech on the Atlantic coast. By car, if you decide to rent, you can go to the sea from Marrakech in about 2h30. If you take the highway, it is less than 40 dhs toll to leave and return. By bus, from the bus station of Marrakech, it will take on average 3 hours drive. Count about 15 E per person for a round trip. Tour operators also organize a day tour from Marrakech to Essaouira,..

Nestled behind its high walls, on a peninsula facing the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira likes to surprise the traveler. By its architecture first, where pink ocher ramparts contrast with the whiteness of houses whose doors and blue shutters are reminiscent of the Greek islands. Its perfectly straight streets, designed in the seventeenth century by the French Theodore Cornut, make it a unique example of urban planning in Morocco.

By its atmosphere then. Long remained the first sardine port in the world, the old Mogador still lives with the tides. It is necessary to soak up the atmosphere of its port and to walk in its souks to feel its Moroccan soul. Then walk through his many art galleries and look at the marquetry work of local artisans to better understand his artistic soul. Frequented by the hippie communities in the 60s and the trendy baba cool jet-set, porno essaouira has a special fascination. The city still attracts many painters still in search of inspiration or musicians in search of new rhythms. Not to mention the wealthy Marrakchis, many have here second homes to escape the hot summer. However, tourists, if they are more and more present, remain a minority in this small city where the city runs quietly.

Unlike the major seaside resorts of Morocco, Essaouira is characterized by a charming hotel built in old traditional houses, riads, as well as some family hotels. It travels easily and quietly, the taxi fare is fixed rate of 80 dirhams (plus or minus 80 cents). Be aware, however, that it can be cool in the evening and in winter. In summer, temperatures flirt with 25 ° C and the sea rarely exceeds 20 ° C.

Do not think that visiting Essaouira in a day is too short … Of course, we could stay days and days in the blue city, but a day can be enough to get an idea:

Leave early Marrakech to arrive around 10am in Essaouira.

In the morning, we propose you to visit the medina. As you only have one day, take a tour of the shops that interest you when you first come across them. The blue city is full of small art galleries to visit. Do not forget to climb also on the ramparts.

For lunch, it’s as you want: if you want to eat Moroccan is possible. Moreover, Essaouira also offers a wide choice in terms of gastronomy: seafood specialties, French cuisine, Japanese menu, vegetarian meal …

After the mint tea, go to the port. The atmosphere is overrated and the place is definitely worth a look. We let you enjoy the joys of the fish auction!

For the afternoon, a walk on the beach, what do you think? For those who do not like walking, Essaouira also offers rides on horseback, camel or quad!

Mince, it’s soon time to leave: a small ice cream before returning to Marrakech, or an orange juice?

A souvenir to reminisce

You can bring back many memories. Jewelry, wrought iron objects, pottery, babouches, tunics, spices, leather goods … Moroccan craftsmanship is varied. The artisans of Essouira are particularly famous for the chests and objects in cedar. The many art galleries of the medina are also so many opportunities of heart.

One last tip before leaving Marrakech for the day: in Essaouira, it is much less hot than in the red city. So, really think about taking a little sweater to protect you from the wind, and your swimsuit for diving in the Atlantic!

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